Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Noun, Adjective, Verb Exercise

Client: Magnus Walker
n. mechanism
v. flow
adj. rocky

Client: Issey Miyake
n. movement
v. fold
adj. spiral

Client: Louise Bourgeois
n. interlock
v. converge
adj. protective

Pre-class Task 

- A Picture of my creative work

This is a kiosk designed for Indonesian maids in Sunday market. It is a photo booth providing photographic services with costumes. The main idea of this kiosk is to provide a temporary and 
flexible space for the photo booth. The kiosk is consisted of panels that can be turned and folded along the central axis. 

-An image of a great piece of architecture 

Xiangshan Visitor Center
Location: Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County, Taiwan 
Architect: Norihiko Dan and Associates 

I visited Taiwan last year, and this visitor center has impressed me a lot with its beauty. The visitor center takes the form of two L-shaped blocks spanning over large piece of land facing the Sun Moon Lake. The two blocks have a 5 meters long opening at the end that "photo-framing" the lake view. I really love the heavy geometry and the harmony of the visitor center, especially how naturally it connects with the surrounding environment. 

-An original photograph of something beautiful

October 2014
This a photo taken in front of my high school in Canada. It was around four in the afternoon. The clouds flow away from me, which makes the sky so distant and unreachable.